Yes, Bridge is mobile friendly and will work from your phone or tablet browser. There’s no need to download an app.

Yes. Simply click on the course to review the content.

The circle shows you the different courses that are part of that program, so you have a visual of your progress.

The check mark means the course has been completed.

This symbol indicates that there is an attachment associated with that course or program.

Click the round profile icon in the upper right corner of the Bridge screen, then click Sign out

If you see a dialog box asked if you want to close the tab (shown below), select "No" and wait for your browser window to refresh. You should be taken to a course completion screen within the same tab. This is a known issue with Internet Explorer, and using Chrome or Firefox instead should avoid this issue.


If you completed a training but it isn't displayed as complete, refresh your browser window. Sometimes Bridge needs a minute to update its records page.

Contact us to tell us about your training needs.

You can contact us with your questions.

OSU employees have access to Bridge employee site. All active students have access to Bridge student site. 

If you are a Manager, click the grid in the upper right corner of the screen, then click My Learning

Bridge will record your progress--even if you leave a course before completing it. When you log in later to access the course, it will automatically resume at the point where you left off.